A Few Large Moths

The links that follow are to pages of a few large moths. These are the standouts in the moth world. Most moths are small and drab.
The equipment used for the photographs was simple. The camera was a Nikon Coolpix 5700. It does a good job of getting the entire field in focus when used in macro mode. The camera was mounted on the end of a heavy aluminum rectangular rod which was screwed to a tripod. This allowed the camera to point straight down and away from the tripod. The moths were pinned one at a time to the end of a 1/4 inch wooden dowel about 12 inches tall and the dowel was inserted into a block of wood and stuck through a large white board. The camera pointed down at the moth so it appeared that the moth was suspended in midair above an out-of-focus white background. This provided high contrast between the moth and the background so that it was possible to cut and paste the moth without loosing any details (like the antennas). Natural diffuse lighting was used. The entire setup was next to a window. White balance was adjusted in Photoshop to make the background neutral.

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